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A Little About Myself

I've helped companies in China, USA, Canada, Australia & India.

At 23, I manufactured/branded my own product-line overseas and ran my first marketing campaign across North America. Not only did this campaign convert over $35,000 in its first month, it also sparked my interest in the nuances of marketing.          


I continually research and test the latest marketing strategies and have developed my own methodology & toolbox to deliver measurable results for overseas companies looking to succeed.    


Simply put, I get results and bring value to any project I'm associated with. I've been featured in magazines, blogs, radio shows, podcasts and have had the honour of working with great companies in both China and the West. 



- 6 Years Marketing Experience

- University of Texas RGV

- University of Lethbridge 

- Google AdWords Certified Professional

- Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

- Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

- 德克萨斯大学RGV
- 莱斯布里奇大学
- Google AdWords认证专家
- Google Analytics(分析)认证专家
- 微软广告认证专家

What I Do 我做什么

Full Stack Digital Marketing 全栈数字营销

As a Full stack marketer, I boost customer acquisition and revenue by using all layers of the marketing “stack” from SEO to SEM and Social Media to Email marketing, all while remaining involved in sales, product, and business development.  

作为一个全堆栈营销顾问,我通过使用SEO,SEM , CRO 到电子邮件营销的所有营销"堆栈"来参与销售、产品和业务开发,为客户带来流量和盈利。

SEO & Analytics 搜索引擎优化 & 分析

I have long-term, sustainable SEO strategies to achieve higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search engines. 


Email Marketing 电子邮件营销

Are foreign companies ignoring your emails? I can help. My email strategies gain trust, create opportunities and boost sales.  


Social Media Ads 社交媒体广告

When utilized properly, social media advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with lower cost of acquisition. 


SEM 搜索引擎营销

SEM is a great way for companies of all sizes to achieve page-1 visibility on Google & Bing. SEM搜索引擎营销,是所有规模的公司在Google和必应上实现第一页可见性的绝佳方式

International PR 国际公关

Often an area of difficulty for Chinese companies, proper branding and PR is essential for international market success. 


Copywriting 文案

It is essential for product literature to be on-par with international competitors, both visually and written. 


Google Analytics Certified
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Google Adwords Certified

Fancheng Meng, CEO

Wook Talent

Due to cultural differences, our company has had difficulty garnering trust from overseas customers. We spent a lot of money on advertising and the conversion rate was very low. Errol increased our conversion rate fivefold in just three months, turning the company around. We had tried countless companies prior, but Errol was the only one who was able to help us. 


Johan Knapp, Director 导演

Johan Knapp

"Errol handled the International Marketing & PR for our last project. Exceeded expectations and impressed our team. In a matter of weeks, we outranked our competitors on Google & Bing, and our event received multiple news publications in the United States, Canada and China".    


JP Tuberquia, Founder 创始人

Jean Pierre Tuberquia

"Errol guided my start-up through negotiations with Chinese factories and detailed how to export goods overseas. His subsequent overseas marketing plan gave us an actionable means to move our business forward. I highly recommend him".  


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