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Looking to gain new foreign customers and increase your international revenue?  


Then I'm your guy.  那么我就是您要找的人。

I understand the problems that foreign companies face when marketing abroad. Whether your sales team is struggling with its email outreach campaigns or having problems gaining trust from potential international customers, I can help.  


My process?   我所做的是 

  • I analyze your current international marketing and sales efforts.  我会分析你的公司目前在国际市场和销售方面的过去所做的努力。 

  • I identify areas in your sales and marketing that are in need of improvement, lacking, or (as in many cases) non-existent.  我会发现你的公司在市场营销和销售中没有做到,做的不充分或需要改进的点。


  • I implement a full-fledged overseas marketing plan and consult with your sales/marketing teams to boost your international presence, gain more customers, and ultimately increase revenue.  我会实施一个成熟的海外营销计划,与您的销售营销团队一同合作,以提高你们的国际影响力,获得更多的客户,并最终增加收入。 

I help your help overseas marketing in a number of ways. 我会如何帮助您进行海外营销的呢? 

  • Establish a professional & profitable international presence to gain trust from prospective customers. 建立专业与可以给您带来盈利的国际形象,以赢得潜在客户的信任。

  • Assess & improve your overseas sales processes and consult your marketing/sales teams on how to better maneuver overseas markets. 评估和改进你的海外销售流程,并培训你的营销/销售团队如何更好地运作海外市场。

  • Analyze and enhance content on your website, marketing materials and email outreach to better suit foreign markets and increase profits. 分析和改进你的网站内容、营销材料和电子邮件,以更好地适应国外市场,增加利润。

  • Create and manage overseas social media. 创建和管理海外社交媒体。

  • Provide full-fledged marketing services in overseas markets, such as SEO, advertising, PR news & media coverage and more. 在海外市场提供完善的营销服务,如SEO,广告,公关新闻和媒体报道等。

Having difficulties marketing overseas? 您的公司在海外市场营销方面遇到过什么困难么?

Tell me what problems you are facing. 


FREE International Marketing Consultation. 

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Full Stack Digital Marketing 全栈数字营销

SEO & Analytics 搜索引擎优化 & 分析

I have long-term, sustainable SEO strategies to achieve higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search engines. 我有长期,可持续的SEO战略,来为你的网站实现更高的有机排名和搜索引擎的能见度

Email Marketing 电子邮件营销

Are foreign companies ignoring your emails? I can help. My email strategies gain trust, create opportunities and boost sales.  外国客户经常会忽略您的营销电子邮件吗?我可以制定策略,帮祝您的电子邮件赢得客户信任、创造机会并提升销售额。

Social Media Ads 社交媒体广告

When utilized properly, social media advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with lower cost of acquisition. 如果使用得当,社交媒体广告可以以较低的获客成本大幅提高转化次数和销售额。

SEM 搜索引擎营销

SEM is a great way for companies of all sizes to achieve page-1 visibility on Google & Bing. SEM搜索引擎营销,是所有规模的公司在Google和必应上实现第一页可见性的绝佳方式

International PR 国际公关

Often an area of difficulty for Chinese companies, proper branding and PR is essential for international market success. 一般来说,这是中国企业面临的一个困难领域,适当的品牌公关对国际市场的成功至关重要.

Copywriting 文案

It is essential for product literature to be on-par with international competitors, both visually and written. 若相于国际竞争对手平起平坐,产品文案在视觉和写作上至关重要。

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